The Vietnamese tend to be very polite, avoid talking about feeling and are stoic. In their relationship, they respect for education, family and elders, and desire to avoid conflict.

Business culture

Presenting business cards is an important ritual in the Vietnamese business world. Cards are exchanged at the beginning of a meeting using both hands. Translating written materials into Vietnamese shows respect for Vietnamese colleagues and business partners.

Face to face business meetings are important in Viet Nam and an appropriate level of respect must be shown according to rank and seniority.

A foreigner doing business in Vietnam will have to deal with government officials. You may have to go through the same slow procedure dozens of times to obtain the necessary permits to operate a foreign-owned company in Vietnam. Continually, direct contact with the ministry officials responsible for granting or approving your permits and licenses is very important. Difficulties may arise when one official refuses to honor an agreement concluded by another official.